Sunshine City Aquarium

This Saturday we had a Field trip in Yokohama with our Culture class, but since we don't have the pictures in our computer now, I (Lea) am going to write about my trip To Sunshine Citiy's Aquarium.
But, after the field trip ended we split up and Emi went shopping with our classmates, which was acctually just Emi and one other girl dragging 2 other girls to all kinds of stores and then ending in Shibuya for some more shoppingxD

After splitting up I took the train to the station where I usually meet up with my boyfriend (which I guess I have not officially announced on herexD but he exists xD <3) and we decided to go to Sunshine City's Aquarium~

So now I am gonna spam you with some photos of some of the things we saw there, and I am sorry that they are not that great, since I only had my phone with me>.<


 These were my favorite, Sea angles, the had like the cutest little ears on top of their heads!<3

 All kinds of frogs too

 Why the long face?

 We also saw Nemo and Dora :P

 Hope you guys enjoyed these pictures, see you next time :P

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