TAG 11 things~ Yua

Hi gals! ^^
Me and Lea where actually tagged twice, although we are only going to answer one of it in this post^^
So now we are going to answer questions from Yua(who btw likes Game of thrones!!!!<3)

OK! let's first see what the rules are! :

*Post 11 random facts about yourself
*Answer 11 questions that the tagger asked
*Tag another 11 and ask them 11 questions that they are supposed to answer
*Inform them that you have tagged them

So! Let's start with some 11 facts about us!

1. We hate, hate, HATE it when people call us any abbrevation of the word twins, or tvíburar, like it is in Icelandic. Call us Sigrún, Guðrún, Emilia, Emi or Lea and we do not care if you get it wrong, we appreaciate that you at least tried!^^

2. We fight like cat and dog at times and hate it when people interfere, but soon after the fight we are best friends again(Often against our own wishesxD)

3. We are going to be studying at J.F. Obirin this autumn for a whole year!!! But we have now been studying Japanese for 2 years!! ><

4. We often get really hooked on some Facebook games, and loose interest in them just as quicklyxD

5. We love dolls!!!! We have 6 Pullips, and we really want more, but we always end up spending our spare money on clothes....xD At the moment we really want a doll called Mabel^^

6. We are really shy, but once you get to know us we are really loud(And then I mean REALLY loud) and goofyxD

7. We actually never used makeup regularly until we started University, and then we started using makeup every day^^

8. We have 1 dog and two cats!! >< Nero, Yano and Ume^^

9. We love handicraft like origami, knitting, crotchet, sewing and other things...but unfortunaetly we are the kind of people that always end up spending our time in the computer....:s

10. We where kind of lone wolfs during 9th and 10th grade...and because of that we still today love spending time by ourselfs, it is fun to have people around(very fun), but we also want to have time to ourselfs^^

11. We are watching Shakira's concert from Paris while writing this, we have always really liked her(probably since we where 9-10) But we where always buying her CD's when we went to Mallorca><

Then here are the questions that we received from Yua!!^^:

1) What was the most awkward/embarrassing situation you have ever been in to? 
wah....this one is hard...:s xD We have probably had some embarassing moments....but not that embarrassing that we remember them:s

2) What is your favourite hour of the day?

When we are dead tired in the bus, we get to sleep for an hour before we reach school! ><
But we always wake up quite early each morning to get ready at catch the 8 bus... D:

3) If you could choose what you would dream about tonight, what would it be?

Us being in Japan meeting tons of models and then us decorating us little, cute and cozy apartment!!!><

4) You found a magical lamp and a gini came out after you rubbed it thrice, what would your three wishes be?

1. MONEY!!!(I know typical...xD)
2. Getting into Shiseido Beauty Academy
3. That we could own a cat that would always be a kitten!!!

5) If your life could be a disney movie, which one would it be?

Beauty and the Beast! Without a doubt!

6) When do you feel really cool and when do you feel uber goofy? Be honest! 

We aren't that cool I guess....xD We have our moments when we surprise our friends with something that we know that they do not know(They seem to think at times that we have the brain of a blond....).
But I guess we are most of the time goofy, since it is quite easy to be goofy and it can come in handy at times....

7) How long was your longest crush on someone without telling them?

haha...hah....xD Noob much....? Never admitted a crush....xD

8) What's the farthest you have travelled from home?

When we went to Japan in 2010^^

9) Did you lose something recently, if so what? If not, are you sure?

I guess we loose stuff often....and we usually do not notice it....
But when we do loose something and do not find it, then it can be really handy to have our niece here, since she ALWAYS seems to find every thing!

10)How often do you clean your room?

Maybe twice a month...:s but it is not messy:S xD

11) What did you eat yesterday? 
At the time that we write this, we ate pork and gratinated potatoes with mushroom sauce. Since it was the day that our easter break started and we told our mother and grandmother that we where exspecting something good to eat when we came homexD

So here are the questions from us:
1. Well since we are twins, if you where a twin how would you like to tease other people with your twin?

2.What is the thing/person that facinates you the most?

3. If you could choose 3 languages that you where born with, which would you choose and why?

4. What is your favorite memory?

5. What is your pet peeve?

6. If you had a superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it?

7. If you could choose any one animal in the world and have it compleatly obedient as a pet, what animal would you choose?

8. Where have you traveled to, and which of those was your favorite? Why?

9.  What kind of fashion style do you like the most, and what really "different" stylle do you want to try?

10. What is your favorite online shop?

11.  Favorite anime/TV show? Why?


Hope you all have a good time reading this ^^

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