Shopping in Shibuya

Hi pretty gals!
Last Friday was a really nice day, but I went on a long waited date (yay!) while Lea went to meet a friend of ours! But before that we lazied around and went a bit to Shibuya!

Our looks for the day!

Emi's outfit rundown:

Coat→ Lip Service
Dress→ Rady
Shoes→ Kobe Lettuce

Lea's outfit rundown:

Cardigan→ Lip Service
Top→ Rienda
Skirt→ Lip Service
Shoes→ Kobe Lettuce

Yay for purikura!!!! Also bought so we can get all of our purikura all of the time!!! We just love purikura way too much!!!
We shopped a bit in Lip Service that day as well, but we bought that coat in brown as well, as we just love it so much and the price is just too good to pass up on! and then we also bought three bags, as they were 50% off and we REALLY needed some new bags (had like three bags before that, and only two of those that we really used...:s)

Then slightly before seven we went separate ways, but I went to meet my boyfriend, while Lea went to meet up with our friend Haru^^
The day was really fun, but if you want to know more about this day, then check out this vlog that we made♡


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With love♡

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