Popup Store: Eiko's World

Hi pretty gals!

Two weeks or so ago, Valentines weekend, we worked at a popup store!
But our uncle's wife is a designer so we were working for her a bit! So we wanted to share a bit of her work and those three days with you gals!

But her brand is called Eiko's World!

A week or so before everything started we went shopping with them for clothes for us to wear for those days (as the "producer/planner" said our clothes were to gyaru! xD Who would have guessed?!). So as our uncle loves Futakotamagawa we went there to a store called Grace Continental and found these four gorgeous dresses!

From the first day, Friday, the planner actually got a hairstylist to come do our hair and also Eiko's hair! Like you can see my look for Friday was pretty rokku! While Lea was really lady-like.

We were both wearing clothes from Eiko's World, except for my top as that is Rady^^

More detailed look at our hair and Lea's outfit, but all of the jewelry that we are seen wearing there are also from Eiko's World!

From the store! A lot of effort was put into making everything look so pretty, and just the flowers took such a long time!! But everything looked perfect!

Our look for Saturday!
Actually, a hairstylist came over for all three of the days, and everyday she and the planner were really wondering about what to do with my hair, as it is short. But I found that so surprising as I would assume a hairstylist would already be used to working with short hair? SO for Saturday they were thinking of taking my bangs up, and I was just like no...and told them to do it like you see in the picture! (although I didn't imagine she would make it so fancy in the back! But it looked great!

This dog came with one of the customers, and how he wined really reminded me of our dog that passed away last year><
I REALLY like this black dress! It seriously looks so good! Just really feel like I have no coat that matches it properly:s

Then two people that rescue dogs came in, as the woman was trying on clothes, and I got to hold this cutie most of the time! He was shivering like crazy, but I just held him tightly until he stopped and calmed down ❤︎
But his owner told my uncle that apparently this is pretty common with this breed? But I am not really familiar with them, so I don't really know.

If you have been watching our vlogs (if not then please check it out^^) you might have already heard that we are going to adopt a dog soon if everything goes well, but these three days, and meeting these dogs just really made us realize just how much we miss having a dog! And since we can take our, future, dog to work we decided to try and adopt one!

In the evening right before the store closed a good friend of ours, Natalia (we used to live together last year in our share house), came to visit us and we went a bit shopping and eating together afterwards!
We actually ate cows tongue, but it is so good! You gals should definitely try it out!!!

Natalia also got us some valentines chocolates (to the left), the cute cat packaging is also a chocolate box we received on Friday. But we received them from a lady who actually came to our uncle's house to teach us better manners! xD Not that we are not polite, more just the fact that Japanese manners are just way way out there, they are so polite! So she was so nice as to visit us and give that to us ❤︎

Valentines day look!!!

Yet again a hairstylist came over and did our hair! This time my hair was done so simply that I wondered why I even bothered waking up early for this xP Could have done that myself so easily!

Sunday was pretty uneventful, but it was Valentines so of course I went on a date~ But first we had to finish everything at the store. But seeing as we are REALLY quick with this kind of stuff, we finished in about an hour!

Overall everything was really good that weekend ❤︎


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