Talking Makeup: YSL Babydoll Mascara

Hi gals!
Last week we talked about KATE♡ Dual Blend Eyes BR-3
This week we want to talk about YSLs relatively new mascara, Baby Doll!

Like can be seen the brush is made out of a rubber material, but do not be fooled as it is a really good quality!

I say this as many people seem to be vary of brushes like this, thinking it to be cheap looking, but honestly it is so great!!!!

Baby Doll comes in four colors, black, brown, blue and purple!

My eyelashes are not short, but due to their color they seem quite short, but even so I feel that the Baby Doll Mascara gives my eyelashes  a good volume!

♡What it is supposed to do♡
This mascara is supposed to created an open eye effect. This it does by lifting and separating the lashes. Without flaking, clumping nor smudging.

I feel that it separates the eyelashes quite nicely, however did not feel like the mascara particularly lifted my eyelashes. It stayed true to the other things though!^^

I quite like this mascara and definitely recommend it!
Don't know why it looks so flimsy in the inner upper corner, in the picture, as it definitely did not look like that in RL!

And as you can see the difference is quite big after applying three coats, compared to having no mascara!^^


Go buy it now!! xP

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