Rady Christmas Dresses

December 05, 2014

Hi gals!

Rady just released their new Santa Christmas dresses and the Cherry Pink that Shizuka Muto modeled has already sold out!

But the dress comes in two colors, Cherry Pink and black, and I thought it would be a good idea to make a small post about it!

The dress costs 12.000yen, which for Rady and a christmas dress is a pretty good deal. As their dresses are usually around 11.000-25.000yen. The usual christmas dresses that I have seen have most often been at a higher price than normal dresses

The detail of the dress is really pretty, and the detail in the waist is so beautiful!
The dress appears to be really soft!

But with the dress comes the santa hat as well and a underskirt.

Rady has a another dress with the same detail, this dress however costs 24.000yen.

So pretty and elegant!

Hope you liked this post!

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