Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
We hope you have all been having a wonderful holiday with your family and loved ones♡

We have mostly been staying at home, but almost two weeks ago now we had a Christmas meetup with the lolita group in Iceland! Well, we aren't lolita, but since Iceland is a small country they accept you as long as you are interested in and dress in a Japanese fashion style!
We are going to make a post about the meetup, but we want to get more pics first X3

Then there was another Christmas event on the 20th with some people from work, as well as some that we haven't met before, and it was a lot of fun!

Christmas Eve (24th) is the most important day here in Iceland.
It is the day were the family gets together and eats delicious dinner and opens presents together.

For the past few years we haven't really been participating much in the package craze that tends to happen around this time of year; we give our mom and grandmother some presents and sometimes a bit to our friends, and that's about it.

Truthfully we are a bit disappointed at how things have become. f we take for example how Christmas is here in Iceland; we have 13 Santa clauses! I know, sounds very weird. But that isn't even the weirdest part! As of late many children are receiving ipods, games, consoles, clothes and other expensive toys from "Santa", while some other unlucky ones don't.

Sorry, but even though we don't necessarily believe in God, we don't believe that this is what Christmas is about. But let's just end it at that :p


We had ordered a really pretty dress off taobao that we had planned to wear for christmas... 
but when we ordered it we were so afraid that we would accidentally buy one that is too small, aaand instead we got one that was too big. sigh, please give us a well deserved applause for being such geniuses. Guess we had it coming though, as we had once boasted that we were really good at buying correct sizes online :p

Well, it was quite alright though since we just popped up our dresses from last year and wore them instead! Either way, they are AWESOME! So we didn't mind having to wear the same dress the second year in a row! X3 haha~

btw! Contacts are sponsored by Geeenie and they have an awesome selection of contacts, so check them out! They also give a "contact case opener" (with a lack of a better word for it) as seen in a video we posted on our instagram before!


After stuffing our faces and opening up a few presents (actually our grandma is kind of the spoiled one in this family, we always get her the mostXD) we decided to just get cozy and play LINE PLAYXD haha, we are hooked!

When we lived in Japan we had the game on our Japanese phone, but since it was on an android phone it is not possible to transfer to an ipod... Because of that I (Lea) didn't really feel like playing for a while as I missed my old character and room, but I still really missed it and stared playing again a few days ago!♡

Aren't our avatars just the cutest?!?

Today we wanted to watch the Dr. Who Christmas special, and since our grandmother has BBC One, we headed to her place! It was an awesome special, though I must admit that some stuff weirded me out in the beginning as I felt it was badly done, but I won't say any more since there might be someone reading on here that still hasn't wathced it.

 Before we say goodbye for this post, we want to apologize for not posting our usual posts this past week, Christmas lazyness and other stuff has taken up our time :p
But we have some reviews and fun stuff planned so we hope you will look forward to that!

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