Shop Staff Coordinate♡First Week of December

Hi Gals!

We thought we should start sharing with you gals some shop staff outfits from the brands that we like!♡ These are all taken off of their blogs!


Out of these outfits the first one and the 2nd-3rd(same dress) are definitely my favorite!
So in love with the sleeve detail on the dress! Way to pretty!
The skirts in no.5-6 I however really dislike...


Cecil McBee has such cute clothing! Especially all their black items, the colored ones I do not particularly care for... However that white/blue dress is super cute...good they also have it in black!


Maruyama Keiko is Chedel's producer! and the clothes are all so pretty! Hopefully the pink jacket won't be sold out soon, so we can at least try it on! 
(The top on the middle picture is not from Chedel)


I want everything!!!! Except the pants...xD
Out of these outfits our biggest want is without doubt the last one, in exactly that color. Sadly that one is sold out! D:


They have such pretty clothing!
The third dress is one of their Christmas dresses and it is open in the back, the lining lined with those big pearls. Just too pretty!
They also have more toned down, more sporty clothes like the last one, and I have to admit I do not like it...But might buy it to work out in? Maybe?


Our biggest love at the moment!
Nothing more needs to be said as all of their coords are great!


Neither MIIA nor Golds Infinity post a lot of coord pictures, but those coats from MIIA are so cute!
Especially love the brown one and the fur on the sleeves looks so soft and fluffy!

Really like that blue dress from Golds Infinity they also have a pink version and I really want to see it being worn!



Don't have anything in particular to say about RESEXXY and Rienda. Like their clothes, but I will definitely have to see them and feel them before deciding weather they would suit us, although that glittery skirt is quite appealing^^

Which ones are your favorite?♡

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