Review: Flower Eyes Monthy Contacts

December 07, 2014

Hi guys!
A few weeks back Emi reviewed the contacts Allure Muse by Candy Magic, and now I want to review the contacts that I got. The ones I got are Flower Eyes, and the color is called Iris Brown.
They are one month contacts.

PWR:  -0.50-7.00
BC: 8.6
DIA: 14.5
Water Content: 38.5%

Looks with these contacts:
Majolica Majorca♡Jeweling eyes limited no.90 Makeup Tutorial
Halloween ♡ Makeup Tutorial [Video]
Makeup Tutorial: Majolica Majorca♡Jeweling Eyes no.GR791
Makeup Tutorial: Golden Brown

I hope you like this collage I put together^^
Sadly I don't usually feel up to doing my makeup when I have nothing to do, so I haven't had many chances to use my contacts, but at least like this you van see a few looks that I have made using these contacts!♡

Color : 
I have owned similar contacts before, so that was a part of the reason for why I got these.
However they were a bit darker than what I had initially thought when choosing them.

Design : 
The outer ring is really dark, so it can give a really good dolly effect if that is what you are after. Then the pattern I find to be really natural, if you can say that. But this kind of pattern has been a favorite of mine for a long time.

Enlargement : 
With the black outer rim being quite thick it the lenses give off a really good enlargement, despite being only 14.5mm
Comfort :   
Really comfortable! Like with any other contacts I have tried my eyes dry out, but other than that I don't feel them at all.

Thought they don't blend perfectly with my eyes, I don't think that is anything that drags them down as you usually don't see it all that much^^

They are also available in other colors so check them out, and maybe other contacts from Online contact if you are interested!

Overall Rating:

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