Makeup Tutorial: Blue&Pink Eye Makeup

December 12, 2014

Hi gals!
Today I want to show you this tutorial that I made mostly using Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes no.80
Hope you like this look!♡

The lashes that I used are Cat eye from Diamond Lash and the lenses are Flower Eyes by Candy Magic, which I got from Online Contacts!^^

1. First I applied Shiseido as a base under the eyeshadow
2. Apply light gray eyeshadow
3. Apply pink eyeshadow in the inner corners
4. Apply light blue under the eyes at the outer corners
5. Apply Dark gray at the ends
6. Apply shimmer eyeliner in the inner corners under the eyes
7. Apply liquid liner and mascara
8. Use a cream cheek color and then a powder cheek color

Hope you liked this tutorial♡

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