Sponsored Review♡Twinkle Eyes Rouge Brown from Pinkicon

Hi Gals!
Recently we got sponsored some lenses from PinkiCon! Today we want to review one of the lenses that Emi got! These are the Twinkle Eyes 1day, Half Series in Rouge Brown!

♥DIA - 14.5mm
♥Water Content - 38%
♥B.C. - 8.70mm
♥Package - A box of 10
♥ Duration - Daily

With these if your eyesight is higher than -6.60, you will have to buy one month.

Been loving some brown lenses lately since I got into Onee gyaru, and these I thought were just so pretty! So I decided upon them!^^

This is how they look out of the box (-1 as I already used itxD)

 With one lens in.
The top one is taken with a ring light, while the bottom one is in natural light.


With and without (Both taken with a ringlight).
Somehow my eyes look so herpy derpy in the bottom picturexD 

Colour : 
Love Love LOVE this color! It is light just like I wanted to be!

Design : 
The design is really pretty and simple, quite natural I would say. 
This is just what I wanted for move more into Onee Gyaru, would be quite strange if it didn't fit as they are from the Half series! Which fit perfectly for Onee Gyaru♡

Enlargement : 
As they are 14.5 their enlargement is obviously not the biggest, but seeing as I was not looking for anything bigger than that I feel like they did exactly what I wanted them to do in that department.
And even though they are "only" 14.5 I feel that their enlargement is really good!
Comfort :   
They are really comfortable, but my eyes dry up quite quickly...Frankly do not know weather that is because of the lenses or just my eyes...-.-'

Overall Rating :
I absolutely love these lenses, but I had been wanting them for the longest time, so when I got the chance to be sponsored by PinkiCon I had no trouble choosing the lenses that I wanted to review!
And I definitely was not disappointed by these lenses!
So if you want lenses that are good for your Onee Gyaru makeup, or just natural lenses, these should be just what you need!


Don't forget to use our coupon code for 5$ off yearly lenses!
Also if you intend on buying 1day lenses they usually have some offers if you purchase a certain amount of boxes you get some discount on them^^

Also remember to never use your lenses for a longer time than recommended!!

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