Shop Staff Coordinate♡Second Week of December

December 16, 2014

Hi Gals!

Today I want to show you more staff coords!
This week is pretty much like last week, I however decided not to include MIIA, Golds Infinity, Resexxy and Rienda. This I decided to do as they didn't have a decent amount of coords last week.


The first thing I noticed is that the staff in Allamanda seems to REALLY like that checkered skirt!
I do not particularly like it, but I think it looks really cute in the last coord! And it is also my favorite out of the bunch!

Their coords are however pretty simple and toned down.


My favorite of these is definitely the gray dress!


Really LOVE how versatile Cecil McBee is!
It is cute, fancy, comfy, colorful and monotone! I am sure everyone can find something there!

My favorite outfits are nr.3 in the third and fourth rows!
The top in the third photo has a really cute bow in the back!♡


The staff at Delyle always post so many coords!!!
Not to mention that hair!!! (especially nr.3 in the second row)

We so want that white coat (no.4 and no.1 in the first and third rows.

The checkered outfit in the second row is also owned by Sakurina and she looks super adorable in it!


My favorites are the middle ones in the second row.


Luxe Rose staff cute as ever!♡
The tops in the bottom row just came in and they are so cute!!! 
My favorite is however the last dress, as it has a "low cut skirt", and we have one dress like that from Liz Lisa and it is just the cutest ever!!!


The clothes from Chedel are so cute and elegant!
Can't wait to see their spring collection as based on some of the pictures they have released it will be so cute!!!

♡Take a look at last weeks post♡

OH! and this post is also our 300th post!!!!! yay!
Thanks for sticking with us so far!

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