Talking Makeup: KATE♡Gradical Eyes PU-1

 Hi gals!!
Last week on Talking Makeup we talked about Majolica Majorca's Jeweling Eyes GR791, this week however we want to talk about KATE's Gradical Eyes PU-1. 
This one is definitely one of our favorite palettes!

This palette has a cream base, a highlighter, two medium toned purple colors and one dark purple.
The two medium toned colors are definitely my favorite ones!

The highlighter is not not completely white as it has a bit of a purple in it. 

These colors are not 100% shimmer, they however are not completely matte as they do have some shimmer in them (Surprise, surprise).

Looks this palette was used for
Coming Soon

Here you can see the colors applied, at the end you can see the cream base. Then the top row are the colors applied with a finger, and the bottom row with a brush. 


Next week we will be talking about KATE Color Shas Diamond no. PK-1 so please look forward to that!♡

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