December 13, 2014


 Hi Gals!
Today we want to talk about these tops from Comfilax!

We have actually been seeing them ALOT on FaceBook recently and we feel they look so good!
Usually not something we tend to buy (breast cleavage much?!?!), but they piqued our interest and now we really want them!

These tops come in two different versions!

The first one is this one, but this is the one you can see the most of on FB!
It comes in white, black and green! Really like the green one, if we buy it I think we would most likely end up with the white one? Might change thoughxD You never know!

I checked their blog to see if they had any pictures of the top, and they had! There were lots of them! So I decided to share those also!

I think the "width" of the gap highly depends on your cup size! xD

At first I thought it would be REALLY sexy and show off a lot, but it is more EroKawaii, without showing too much (Well at least on the staff...)
Also really like the neck detail on the top!

Then the second version has buttons and the top part is lace! So cute! 
This one also comes in white and black, but instead of the green one it comes in navy^^

Really like the button up detail on this one!

Have you noticed this hype, and what do you think about it? 
Would you buy the top?♡

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