Makeup Tutorial: Shimmery Brown

December 18, 2014

Hi Gals!
Today I want to show you this tutorial that I made a few weeks ago...actually almost a month ago!!!
We have to many tutorials piled up xD
Hope you like it and also please check out our GIVEAWAY

The lenses are Allure Muse by Candy Magic, which I got from Online Contact.
The lashes are from ebay, this store, although I believe that you can get all of their lashes elsewhere for cheaper (hint, hint Taobao!)

♡Other items used♡
YSL♡Shocking Mascara
VISEE♡Glam Glow Eyes BR-3

1. Apply shimmer eyeshadow on your lid
2. Apply light brownish-beige in your inner corner
3. Apply dark brown in the crease and 1/2 under the eye (Outer corner)
4. Apply shimmer peachy orange on the middle of your eyelid
5. Apply shimmer on the middle
6. Apply cream shimmer on 1/2 under the eye (Inner corner)
7. Shade under the shimmer
8. apply liquid eyeliner, and kohl eyeliner on the upper waterline, then lashes and mascara
9. Apply cheek color

Thanks for looking and remember our giveaway

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