Talking Makeup: VISÉE ♡ Glam Glow Eyes♡

Hi gals!

For this weeks Makeup Talk we want to recommend a palette from VISÉE, named Glam Glow Eyes, no. BR-3

This palette we originally bough for the gold eyeshadow that it has, but as it turns out we (I, Emi, at least) ended up using the white shimmer eyeshadow the most as I use it in many of my makeup looks. As I like to apply it in the inner corners of my eyes as this eyeshadow give a pretty shimmer to my eyes.

Here you can see how the colors come onto the skin when applied with a brush and with a finger, they are quite pigmented so the difference was not that big, however they did pop more when applied with a finger (Bottom row).

Tutorials that I used the shimmer eyeshadow in:
Work Makeup
Brown Makeup
Light Purple Makeup

This one is greatly recommended and will I definitely buy it again!

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