Sushi Date

Hi Gals!

This post is a bit late in the making as it's probably been around two months since it went downXD

When talking about sushi in Iceland, there aren't really that many places to go, but there are a few decent ones. Our favorite is called suZushii a play on the Japanese word  涼しい, which means fresh in Japanese. Sadly, they only have one place and that is in the mall's cafeteria... which means that it isn't very private and VERY noisy... but their sushi is the best in Iceland!!!
And since I am mentioning them in this post I must share a funny story about our last time going there. We went there and the owner of the place was working and he was making our sushi, we were in a really good mood, especially after seeing that he had tako, and we were just weirdly happy as this was our first time in a while getting some sushi.
And then this really weird/embarrassing/funny thing happened.

There were these two weeaboo looking guys in the line behind us and when the owner greeted them they were all like "hey, you know that the Japanese is mixed up on your menu right???" and they were like seriously rude and had that ohohohohoho look at how good our fucking Japanese is, we are so much better than you kind of attitude, but the owner was just like "yeah, it got mixed up in printing" and we were just standing there like "wtf you rude bastards?!?!? anyone could have figured something like that out. And the owner was just nice and asked them if they were studying Japanese, and they were all smug like "yeah, we are studying by ourselves" and just aaarg!!!!

Long story short, we felt a bit irritated to have had to listen to such rudeness, but at the same time we felt a bit smug about it allXD

*EDIT* Well, apperently we had already blogged about this... but I just totally forgot about it...

But, this was so not what we were going to blog about todayXD

We had been wanting to meet our friends, so we decided to go for dinner together and went to a kaitenzushi downtown in Reykjavík, the place itself is really nice, and they also have some nice sushi and we ended up sitting there eating and chatting for about three hoursXD

They also have Japanese beer, to our friends utter delight :p
She could live on beer, she loves it so muchXD

We ate so much!!!
And it was so good!

For dessert we got a chocolate mousse, and it was so rich and yummy!
It was actually so rich that it probably took us about ten or more minutes to eat oneXD

Not only had we good food and good dessert, but we also had good, no, great company!*^^*

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