Memories of Japan: Sugizo ~ Vesica Pisces release LIVE 2013

Last year on the 6th of March, Sugizo had his release event for his new solo CD, VESICA PISCES, and as our uncle was going to be there as an DJ we were invited as well!

How lucky!! 

Crappy phone pictures, but that was our look for that day! 

His playing is so good! Whether it be the guitar or the violin! It was our first time hearing these songs of his, as it was the release event, but they where really good and he is the COOLEST on stage!! And he definitely knows it! That is for sure! He even has a mirror on stage so that he can check himself out once in a while!

After the live we went backstage with our uncle and mustered up the courage to ask for a picture with Sugizo. Making this our second picture with him!

Also took a picture Yusura, but she is a member of the Cirque Du Soleil! And definitely the cutest member!

However before taking our picture with him HE came to US to talk! Since he remembered us from when we met last time at our uncles company>< So nice! He really is a nice person, with no hint of snobbishness to him!

From that said time, we are EXTRA red in our faces as we mustered up ALL of our courage to ask for that picture! One girl that was there is one of his biggest fans and she even got a hug!

After the live on our way home we felt really giddy and went to take some PuriKura~
Really wish we had chosen a better machine....

But all in all it was a great experience!

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