Just a Random Update!

Lately we quit our job at the airport and since we are currently trying to get a work visa in Japan we decided to change our tickets to Japan a bit, so we won't be going this October like planned.

Because of that our aunt living in the north of Iceland said we should just come visit for a while since we haven't been able to meet a lot for the past few years.
We decided to just do that, and we've already been here for a few days now.
We actually surprised our two nieces by not telling them that we would be coming, and also brought our dog with us so they were really happy when we cameXD

We actually used to live in this town for two years when we were younger so it feels a bit weird to be here in that aspect, but we have just been chilling and having some good times with our family here*^^*


Since we have had so much time lately we started watching korean dramas for the first time in probably around two yearsXD
We have already watched "Marriage, Not Dating" and "Fated to Love you" and currently we are watching the Master's Sun. So far out of these three Fated to love you is my fav though!
It's so crazy how much time you spend watching Korean dramas, each episode is an hour and each series is around 16-20 episodes... that means that we have already watched around 40 hours in the past two weeks...o.O

I feel myself even thinking in Korean from time to timeXD
Only just a word here and there but still...>3< haha

 Here is Emi's outfit pic, and Emi with a dog that our nieces friend owns*^^*
He is so adorable, and our dog was actually quite tolerant of himXD

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