Peachy Orange Makeup Tutorial ♡

Hi gals!
How is everyone this week?
As for us we have had it great, but hardly done anything!!! D:
Too lazy!

This is this weeks tutorial from Emi, how do you guys like it?
Not exactly gyaru makeup, but can be! Just have to add the circle lenses and lashes ;)

The items that I used are pictured here below:

1. I used the CANMAKE blush on my eyelids and under the eyes.
2. Orange-y shimmer, inner corners and under the eyes
3. Beigish brown, crease
4. Brown, 1/2 under the eye

This time I used the eyeliner in brown, but I also used Clarins Khol eyeliner on my upper waterline to fill up my lashes, so there are no gaps.

That's all for this week! <3

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