Want that Onee gyaru look?

Hi gals!
Currently Onee gyaru is our style inspiration as it is a much more mature style. We also feel that as our face is a bit childish to begin with we would like to fix that a bit by trying out a more mature style. No matter how much we love Liz Lisa, their clothes are really flowery, pink and cutesy, so that doesn't really help with our little "problem".

But what does it take to achieve that perfect Onee gyaru look?
Of course, we still haven't gotten that down as for one it is very difficult to get what we need here in Iceland.

I've pondered over it a lot since we started wanting to dress like Onee gyaru, but as it seems like with most gyaru substyles; how you combine hair, clothes makeup and even circle lenses together is what makes the style. Well that's a given, right? Every style has their own signature and I want to talk about what I think makes Onee gyaru what it is.

For us when it comes to Onee gyaru the type or the feel of the lenses you use is what makes a lot of difference! Seeing as Onee gyaru is a more mature and toned down style, we don't really see that big, colorful contacts or contacts with a black outer rim fit so well. 
However more natural, smaller contacts seem to fit more... at least how we think of it. Though seeing how most Onee gyaru have very natural contacts, maybe it's not just us? 

One of our favorite Onee gyaru models, Sayoko Ozaki, models for the lenses Twinkle Eyes, and to us those contacts are very Onee gyaru like. 

Pinkicon is one of the few non-japanese circle lens shops that offer Twinkle eyes
And as you can see the grey ones have a bit of a black outer rim, but not so distinct.

You can also use our coupon code for 5$ off you order! (Does not include toric lenses)
Some other lenses I've noticed and think look good for Onee gyaru are; Princess Pinky Radiance, Vassen SiriusMega Nudy, Allure Muse by Candy Magic(Reviewed here by Emi), Marble Honey, Genie Girls and Genie Girlds Doux Grey.
Uniqso also has the Super Nudy lenses, and they are very similar to some of the Twinkle eyes and I think suit the look very well! (You can use the code "emixlea22" for a 10% discount there!)

You can click the photos for a lot bigger versions (might need to right click the photo)

Here is a scan from Nuts (not ours) showing some of the most popular lenses, most of them being from Candy Magic, but also from TiAmo and Bambi Series.
Though, I think this one might be a bit old, as Bambi doesn't seem to be as popular as it used to be.
Nevertheless, many of those lenses are perfect for Onee gyaru!

They rank the lenses by being the most gaudy - popular greys - bold browns- natural browns;
So you can see a bit what kind of lenses are popular amongst the readers of Nuts.

Yup! There are a LOT of contacts to choose from, and of course a lot more than the ones in this post, but I am just trying to show a general idea of what kind of lenses would fit:)

The eyemake consists mostly of natural beige peachy colors, with winged eyeliners, and is in a way much more simple compared to other sub styles - like maybe Rokku and Kurogal.
Though I think bold lips might suit Onee gyaru much better than maybe other sub styles, hovewer nude lips seem to be a much more prominent way to go.

I think though that my biggest envy for all the Japanese Onee gyaru models are their eyebrows! Though not all Onee gyaru have very thick eyebrows -and not very arched- , they do differ from other sub styles in that aspect as other sub styles tend to have really thin eyebrows. Though I think that is often very pretty, I'm not sure that suits everyone, so having at least this one style that "supports" (If you can even say that :p) thick eyebrows really makes me happy.

As for hair, I always feel that for Onee gyaru, light hair; blond, pink silvery tones look the best, but I can't deny that Sayoko Ozaki rocks black hair! 
Well, okay, it isn't completely black, but has more of an ashy tone to it, and I guess that is one point that really draws me to their hair, as I think this ashy tone looks really pretty, and a lot different to what I normally see here in Iceland for example!

Let's just take a minute to appreciate all this beautiful hair :p
As you can see in these pics here, Sayoko always parts her hair to the side like such, and many other Onee gyaru seem to do so as well.
Their hairstyles are often just wavy/messy hair which works out so perfectly!

 Delyle Noir

We are very new to Onee gyaru, and are still trying to build our closet.
To gather inspiration and get an idea of what brands are good for Onee gyaru we have been looking at blogs. The ones we have probably been looking at most are Luxe Rose, Rienda, Delyle Noir and Rady.

These brands are all very mature and stylish, and I think perfect for Onee gyaru!
These are just some of my fav, but of course there are a lot more that would suit Onee gyaru really well!

As you can see most of these clothes color combinations are very "down to earth" so to say, a lot of whites and beiges, and no very bright colors. Neon for example would never work for Onee gyaru.
Well, Rady have some really pretty hot pink clothes, so I am not saying that colors are a no go for Onee gyaru, I just don't think you see them as much.
(Pastels also work really well!)

I hope I managed to convey my thoughts properly, and that this post helps you gals to get a better image of what kind of a style Onee gyaru is!
 These are mostly my own thoughts on what Onee gyaru is, so of course nothing is set in stone! But I hope you enjoyed reading it^^
Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

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