Review: Allure Muse by Candy Magic 

Hi gals!

Today I want to show you these lenses that I got from Online Contact few weeks ago!
The lenses that I got where Candy Magic Allure Muse (アリュールミューズ)♡

PWR:  ±0.00-6.00
BC: 8.9
DIA: 14.5
Water Content: 38.5%

Looks with these contacts:

Colour : 
Love, Love, LOVE this color! For a while before I got these lenses I had been wanting light brown lenses as I have only had dark brown in the past (made my eyes way to dark!!). So these are just perfect!


Design : 
The design is really natural, in my opinion. Which is yet again just what I wanted for my Onee Gyaru look!

Enlargement : 
Seeing as the lenses are only 14.5, that of course means that the enlargement isn't the greatest out there. I however feel that they do their job well and they really would not need to be bigger.


Comfort :   
This is the first time that I have had 1day lenses and I really do love them! I however do feel that they dry up more quicker than my 1year lenses. But I just use more eyedrops!^^


 All in all I really love these lenses and they are definitely my nr.1 favorite of all the lenses that I have owned so far! So go check Allure Muse out on Online Contacts and buy yours!

Over all rating:

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