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Today we want to talk about the two kinds of false lashes, lashes that are tucked up on the lash band and the other kind that is wrapped around the lash band.

We are also going to mention some false lashes brands.

Lashes vary in prices, from 1$ to around 25$ depending on the brand and were you buy it from.
When buying in the internet the most expensive gal brands are Dolly Wink and Diamond Lash.

Like you can see the lashes in the picture above are made quite differently from the lashes in the picture below.
The difference lies in how they are attached to the lash band. Where those above are tucked into the lash bands glue and the ones below are wrapped around the lash band.

This might not seem as much trouble. However when it comes to reusing lashes it is quite important to clean the lashes to get off old glue, eyeshadow that might have fallen onto them and bacterias that might have caught up on them.

Here is when the trouble might befall as cleaning lashes that are tucked into the glue on the lash band have a lower chance of being reused. Due to the lashes falling out upon being cleaned. These can usually only be used 2-3 times.

Those that are wrapped around the lash band are however quite different as they can be used as often as you would like, as long as you clean them properly, and do not accidentally pull of the lashes. Which I admittedly have done myself.

In the two pictures above the top ones are from Diamond Lash.
Diamond Lash varies in prices from around 10$-25$ depending on where you buy them. Donki in Japan has the best price and Rakuten and their ONLINE STORE also have good prices.
They now have 8 lash series, so there is enough to choose from.

Below you can see example of their first two series. In those two series Dolly Eye (ドーリeye), Glamorous Eye (グラマラスeye) and Princess Eye (プリンセスeye) are tucked up in the lash band. We have tried the two latter ones and as great as they look we would not be ready to buy them again, for they last too short.

You can also find Gorgeous eye (ゴージャスeye) and  Lovely eye (ラブリーeye) copy cats from  Taiwanese/Chinese brands.

Diamond Lash is a definite recomend as I believe they have something for everyone and we always end up buying more and more of their lashes!

Dolly Wink has the softest looking false lashes in my opinion, and as far as I can see only nr. 17 is tucked in. I would say that their only bad quality is their price, as they cost around 12$ in Japan, however you only get 2 pairs, whereas with Diamond Lash you get 5 for that same price.

We have owned two packages of Dolly Wink and if it weren't for the price we would definitely buy them more often!

DARLING LASH is a more natural looking, more Onee Gyaru oriented lashes you could say.
Not sure if you can find them on ebay as I did not find them, but their price is around 9$
With Darling Lash you get four pairs in one package.
Prism (プリズム) appears to be the only one that has its lashes tucked in instead of wrapped around.

We have sadly only once bought their lashes (lower lashes), but the ones we have are really cute, so I would definitely recomend trying out Darling Lash!

Last but not least are these typical lashes that you can find on ebay, aliexpress and taobao.
You usually buy them in a box of 10 pairs with price ranging from 1$-6$ per box.
However do not be fooled by the price as these are handmade and the quality is great! No less than the Japanese brands. If you look long enough (Especially on taobao) you can also find copy cats of the Japanese brands.

These ones are a definite recommend as well! We have often used these and their quality is so great. A lot better than you would expect from such a cheap product. But these can be re-used time and time again, and they are in no inferior to the Japanese brands!^^

And that's it for this post!
Hope you found this post informative and it helped you in some way, please leave a comment and tell us what you think of this post, and any feedback you might have is more than welcome:)

Or even recommend your favorite lashes!

Until next time!

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