Onee Gyaru Makeup Tutorial Vol.2

Hi gals!
How are you all feeling this week? Ours has been good and bad (got a ps2, but our legs are hurting from muscle soreness, silly us...)
On other notes here is this weeks makeup tutorial a la Emi!
This time it is another Onee Gyaru makeup tutorial, hope you gals like it!♡

The top lashes are Diamond Lashes Cat eye, really love them so much! The lower are however from a Taiwanese brand (Typical ebay lashes, mentioned them in this post: ♡♡♡)
My lenses are Allure Muse by Candy Magic, which I got from Online Contact, their selection is good and even though they are located in Japan they have international shipping!♡

♡Click here for a review on these lenses♡

1. Cream eyeshadow as base
2-3 Applied golden eyeshadow, and another more shimmery gold in the
middle to make it pop a bit more
4. Applied light brown in the crease
5. Apply dark brown to the middle of the crease
6. Apply shimmer in the inner corners (Because we love that shine!!!xD)
7.Apply a cream eyeshadow under the eye
8. Shade under the cream eyeshadow to create a namida bukuro look
9. Apply black eyeshadow under the eyes at the outer corners

What I used for my lips was the Ramune Pink lipstick and Strawberry Milk lipgloss from Dolly Wink.

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