Memories of Japan: Birthday in Disney Sea [Picture heavy]

Hi Gals!

When we turned 22 last year while in Japan, we decided to celebrate our birthday by going to Disney Sea with our friends!

We had wanted to buy ourselves school uniforms and go in them, but we cheapened out only to have our friend give it to us for our birthday gift!! We were so happy to receive it the day before our birthday, that we went to donki at the next train stop to where we lived to buy some loose socks to go with it... even though it was already like 10 in the eveningXD
But we were just so excited!!!

We went out really early, and thankfully one of our friends made us some onigiri and we were so hungry that we ate them before we arrived to disneyXD

Be warned though! This post is very picture heavy, and we also apologize about weird light in some pics><



That was a LOT of pictures!XD Hope that you were able to enjoy them as much as we do!
We had such an amazing day with our friends, riding some amazing rides, eating good food and just being there together♡

Disney is such a beautiful place, and it truly is magical~
Now we just can't wait to go back there!!!!

Hope we haven't been drowning you with posts this week! haha
We are really happy that we've had such good motivation for our blog lately and that it has been going so well! Thank you to those that have been commenting, and nice meeting you new followers!♡

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