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November 11, 2014

Hi Gals!

Sorry for not making any personal post as of late.
Our life has just been REALLY unexciting lately!

For this past summer we have just been working nonstop, and because of our work we didn't have much free time to plan fun days out! But we met a lot of fun people at work (and others not as fun).

However lately we have had more time, as our summer job ended, and because of our plan to go to Japan in October, had to be pushed back a bit to try getting a working visa. But getting a working visa with no support can be really hard, as the Japanese Embassy offers no help for Icelandic people with getting a temporary working visa. Which sucks a lot! And companies are less inclined to sponsor a visa to non-native English speakers.

On the good notes though, yesterday we got a PS2!!
You might find it weird to be exited about that when there is already 3 and 4. However ours broke a few years ago and we always deleyed getting a new one (even PS2 is around 230$ here in Iceland new). But about a week ago I started thinking about buying a used one and checked ebay and some Icelandic sites and found one for only 36$! So cheap! It was little used, came with a few games and it is a slim version!
So yesterday I (Emi) went to pick it up and since then Lea has been playing nonstop!
Now she finally gets to beat FFXIIxD

Other good news are that in about two, three weeks we get some Christmas clothes and LOTS of fake lashes. And just in a few days we get our new doll! (we collect BJD's, our tumblr is Rinkan no oningyou sama)

Few weeks ago we also went to the north of Iceland and there we did nothing but hang and do nothing...We did start going out for walks (while the good weather lasted) and it pushed us to decide to work out more when going home! So for the past two weeks we have been doing Blogilates beginners calendar!
(Also decided not to buy much candy around Christmas, except Ferrero, and maybe those Reese's mixes in the top picture)

As for our blog we have a lot of posts lined up, Memories from Japan, Talking Makeup, Makeup tutorials and then also reviews on the lenses we got ourselfs recently!
So please look forward to that! 

And do not hesitate recommend a makeup product to us! If we like it we might end up buying it the next time we buy makeup!^^

Also! Thanks for sticking with us all this time, even though we quit blogging for a quite a while there!
 ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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