Onee Gyaru Makeup Tutorial

Hi gals!
For this week I want to show you gals a Onee Gyaru makeup tutorial that I did with my new lenses from Online Contact.
Had really been looking for 1day contact lenses, and there really is not much available from the usual places, so I was really happy that we found Online Contact! ♡

So how do you like this tutorial?
Please leave a comment if you like it, or have any suggestions to make future tutorials better! 
Or even if you have any nice suggestions for online editing apps! I myself have been using picmonkey^^

1. Used as a base
2. Applied on half of the eyelid
3. Used to blend out the dark color into the crease
4. Used in the lower inner corner
5. Used under the eye
6. Used in the outer corner under the eye

The top lashes that I used are Diamond Lash Cat eye.

Hope you liked this tutorial ♡

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