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Hi gals!

About month ago we were looking at eyelashes on Taobao, as we love window shopping there, and decided to just go ahead and buy some! "Some" actually turned into 360 pairs and a few pieces of clothing!

Since we were buying christmas dresses also (Not pictured) we needed some nice and fancy high heels and we decided on these white ones. No regrets there as the quality is great, not to mention how pretty and shiny they are! 

And then since winter in Iceland is so mean not allowing you to wear open high heels we just HAD to get some boots as well! Actually did not really like the stock photo of the boots, but they turned out to be WAY cuter IRL than on the stock photo! Not to mention they have great "ruffles" on their sole making them perfect for icy Icelandic winters!

INGNI Checkered Dress                                                              INGNI Top                                                       INGNI Striped Dress

Then we found these INGNI replicas!
And let me tell you one thing! They do not seem like replicas!!!
The quality is so great that they could easily pass off as the real deal! Just wish I had bought more!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE all our eyelashes!
We have owned some of these before (Bought off of ebay though) and we really like them! 
The quality is great and the price even greater!

Although the price on ebay has since then gotten higher, so I definitely recommend using Taobao instead of ebay for lashes!

Stores we bought lashes from:
NA (Great eyelash replicas)

 These ones are most likely our NUMBER ONE favorite as they are such ripoffs of Diamond LashxD

The lashes in the picture on the right, bottom row no.2 from the end actually have purple in them as well! Did not notice that upon buying them!

So pretty! Most likely wont be able to use the ones on left that often as they are not wrapped around the lash band, but they are so pretty! Really looking forward to trying them on!

So nice! Also got these gifts from some of the stores, don't know which one though.

Stores we got clothes and shoes from:

Thanks for looking and please comment and follow if you liked this post (and buy all the stuffs!!!)

Also the shopping service we used was Celestial Delinquent, highly recommend her!

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