♡2015 Fukubukuro Wishlist♡

Hi gals!
Recently we started thinking about the lucky bags that will start selling soon. Probably the biggest reason that we want to buy lucky bags is to grow our closets a lot, the cheap way!!! xD Already planned to buy the 10.000yen and 5000yen lucky bags from Luxe Rose♡
But most of the Lucky Bags cost around 10.800yen^^
These are all bags that you can buy on the internet, but I am pretty sure they differ from the store bought once a lot. 

The ones I included here are the ones that I found, however we also look forward to seeing bags from Rady and Rienda, and of course other brands as well!

Resexxy has two items that you definitely get in their bags, and that is that coat and sweater dress. The coat is definitely not our style, the sweater dress is however really cute, really wouldn't mind getting it!
They however do not state how many items are included in their bags, nor their value.

Had never seen Chedel before now, their clothes are however really elegant and feminine. In their bags you can choose between a black and a beige coat. Yet again, no mentions of items nor value.


In CECIL McBEE's bag there are two coats to choose from and each comes in four colors.
The bag has around 7-8 items in it.

Lip Service shows no preview for their bags, their items however are really pretty. So going to buy lots from them!
Their bag contains a knit sweater, dress, top and a skirt valued at 24.000yen, but only costs 6480yen.

MIIA has a great selection of cute clothes, but their bags include 5-7 items.

As cute as Titty&Co is I think it is the bag that I am the least likely to end up buying seeing as I would most likely rather choose straight from their store the items that I am interested in.

Luxe Rose is a definite buy this year. This bag is valued at 30.000yen and contains 6 items. This bag also only costs 5.400yen! Meaning each item is priced at under 1000yen!
Already contacted a shopping service that goes in store to buy bags, to get two for us and planning to buy the small one ourselves from the internet! So looking forward to it!

So what are you gals thinking? Anyone else planning on buying Lucky Bags?

♡Our Top Three are♡
Luxe Rose
Lip Service

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