Majolica Majorca♡Jeweling eyes limited no.90 Makeup Tutorial

Hi gals!!!

For this week you gals finally get another makeup tutorial from Lea♡
This time I used Jeweling Eyes no.90, which is a limited color. The colors in this palette are pretty toned down, but has one pink color to pop it up a bit♡

The lenses that I am wearing are Flower Eyes by Candy Magic, I got them from Online Contacts.
The eyelashes are off of ebay, but the small ones are the same as the full ones, I just cut them and used only the ends. The lashes I used are these♡

Other used items:

1. Used all over the eyelid
2. Applied on the eye crease and under the eye
3. Applied on the edge of the eye, the color is more of a grayish brown
4. Applied under the eye
5-6. The eyeliner and mascara I used
7. Cheek powder that I used
8-9. What I used on my lips, first I covered them with concealer and then put the gloss on top

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