Talking Makeup: Majolica Majorca ♡Jeweling Eyes♡

by - November 10, 2014

Hi Gals!
For this weeks Talking Makeup we will be talking about a palette called Jeweling Eyes!
This colors name is BR792

This eyeshadow palette is from "Majolica Majorca" and it has such glitter that one might think they would turn into a vampire when using itXD (sorry...for the bad reference xp)

We have another palette from this series and they are equally shimmery! 
So it sure does stand under it's name "Jeweling eyes", haha~♡

Just like the name implies, this eyeshadow has just the perfect amount of glitter and shows up really well! The pigment is also great and spreads well on the eyes. That is to say if you use your fingers to apply, then it is really shimmery (Just the way we like it!).

1. Applied with a finger
2. Applied with a brush

When applied with brush it is not as pigmented, it goes on the eyelid more spread-ed so to to say, like can be seen in the above picture. While it applies on more evenly with a finger and appears to shimmer more because of that.

The other three colors have more of a subtle shimmer, without appearing matte. With them it is the same as with the white one, when applied with a brush the get even more subtle. The color popping a lot more when applied using a finger.

All in all we really love this palette and highly recommend it to you gals that want more shimmer!

You can see a tutorial of us using this palette HERE

Other looks
Onee Gyaru Makeup Tutorial


Look forward to next week as then we will be talking about Sailor Moon Star Power Prism Liquid Eyeliner+Glitter Liner♡

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