Talking Makeup: YSL ♡ Shocking Mascara

Today we want to talk about YSL's Shocking Mascara that we acquired this summer.
Shocking is from 2011 and comes in four different colors: Deep Black, Sea Black, Cherry Black and Cassis Obscure. The one we got was Deep Black.

Shocking can be found for a good price from Amazon.

Shocking has an helix brush, and the mascara formula has a pretty strong perfume smell. At first we didn't really like it, but thankfully it doesn't stay too long.

So let's start!
Like you all can see, without mascara my eyelashes do not show up very well.
However they still are quite long.

So with one coat on it looks quite natural.
On days when I am to lazy to put on makeup but need to go out, I often just put on my eyebrows and one coat of mascara (Even though I should most likely focus more on those dark circles of mine...).

With the second coat we immediately see more volume.

The third coat is the pretty thick without looking clumpy or too unnatural.

Here you can then see how my eyelashes look without Shocking and how they look with three coats of Shocking.
I feel that they add bit of length while giving a good amount of volume.

All in all we really like this mascara!♡
It gives really good coverage, and what we always want the most is more volume, and Shocking is not disappointing us in that department!


We give this mascara four out of five, as the mascara applies quite easily. However it is kind of wet and we do not really like it that it has a perfume smell.

Used in these looks:
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Makeup Tutorial: Majolica Majorca♡Jeweling Eyes no.80 

Hope you liked this weeks Talking Makeup, we are still learning how to do this, so if you think we should add something/make better please do tell us! We would really love to hear what you gals think ♡

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