Talking Makeup: Sailor Moon Star Power Prism Liquid Eyeliner+Glitter Liner


 Hi Gals!
Last week we talked about Jeweling Eyes no. BR792 from Majolica Majorca!
So if you haven't seen it please go and check it out♡

This week however we are going to talk about a recent purchase of ours, two Sailor Moon liquid liners!

Their packaging is so cute!
Like you can see, upon opening the two flaps that go over the packaging you reveal two pictures, one of Venus and one of Princess Serenity!

We decided to translate the text that is written besides the pictures, but please excuse any mistakes!
Translating and understanding the meaning are two whole different meanings and making it sound good in English was the hardest task of this translation!

OK! The liquid liners are also really cute! Like the text on the packaging indicates the Brown liner is Princess Serenity and the Orange Gold is Venus's!

The Orange liquid liner came somewhat UN-assembled, and even though we found it quite troublesome, the purpose was most likely to prevent it from drying up. It also has a "rotating system", meaning you have to rotate the bottom to get liquid in the brush.

The colors of the both are quite nice, and I do especially like the brown liner as it is really light brown, compared to the other brown we have (Shiseido Integrate). Also like can be seen in the close up picture the tip of the liner is really thin and fine, making applying it really easy.

The orange one has a really nice color as well. However applying it can be quite troublesome seeing as you have to rotate the bottom to get the liquid up and in most cases it does not spread evenly on the brush, making application not as precise and one would like. 
Upon using the second time I also noticed that the liquid from previous time had already dried up on the brush (It is however not as bad if you use it everyday).
This I do not particularly like, as this means a lot of the liquid will go to waste.

Here you can see the two eyeliners applied (sorry for the bad quality of the first picture)
As you can see the brown is really light and the orange has a lovely shine to it.

Brown eyeliner: ♥♥♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥
Orange eyeliner: ♥♥♥♥♡/♥♥♥♥♥

All in all we really like these two eyeliners and would definitely recommend them!

Look forward to next weeks Talking Makeup when we will be talking about KATE's Dual Blend BR-3 Eyeshadow!
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