Talking Makeup: KATE♡ Dual Blend Eyes BR-3

Hi Gals!
Last week we talked about Sailor Moon Star Power Prism Liquid Eyeliner+Glitter Liner, if you haven't seen it just click the name and jump right over♡
Today we want to talk about this dual palette from KATE, called Dual Blend Eyes, BR-3.
This palette has two shimmery colors, gold and brown, and is designed so that there is a gap between them for you to blend them together.

Here you can see how the two colors are divided.

1. The first samples are applied with a finger.
2. The second samples are applied with a brush, the third sample there I did with a different brush than the middle (appears darker because of the shadow).
3. These two samples are the two colors blended together. The one above blended with a finger, and the bottom one with a brush.

With the golden color I felt that it popped more and retained more shimmer when applied with a brush. However when the brown color was applied with a brush I felt that it retained most of its shimmer, but it however appears lighter applied that way.

Upon being blended together I felt that it came out better when blended and applied with a finger rather than a brush.


All in all I really like this palette and would definitely recommend it!
I only wish that the gold eyeshadow had a bit more shimmer to it as I believe it would make the two colors pop more when blended together.
Buuuut! That might just be me as I might love shimmer eye-shadows a tad bit too much...xD

Looks I used it for:
Onee Gyaru Makeup Tutorial vol.2

Then for next week we will be talking about Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes GR791 so please look forward to that!
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