Makeup Tutorial: Majolica Majorca♡Jeweling Eyes no.GR791


Hi gals!
We said this on our FB page yesterday, but we have been really productive in making makeup tutorials lately, and have quite many piled up. So we decided to post an extra one today!^^♡

Today's tutorial is from Lea, but for this tutorial she used Jeweling Eyes no. GR791.
Hope you like this tutorial!^^

The lashes I used are Cat eye from Diamond lash, and the lenses are Flower Eyes by Candy Magic.

Other items used:

1. Used a shimmer cream eyeshadow as a base
2. Apply golden eyeshadow
3. Apply dark eyeshadow under the eye, at the outer ends
4. Apply turquoise as a liner
5. Apply light pink in the middle under the eye
6. Apply eyeliner
7. Apply mascara after the lashes
8. Apply cheek cream and powder on cheeks
9. Apply Apricot stick and then Lip Lover on lips

Also if you haven't noticed we put up tabs under our header, but so far only our "Makeup Tutorial Masterpost" is ready, but please check it out and see all the tutorials that we have made♡
Hope you liked this tutorial and please comment and follow if you did ♡

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