Rienda Valentines Collection 2015

Hi pretty gals!
Tomorrow many stores are starting their Valentines collections/offers, so today we want to show you what Rienda will be offering, as we love their new items so much!

You can also check this post to see what they did last year!

Like last year, they have three outfits available on a discount! Not to mention that this years dress is quite similar to last years, just last years didn't have a peplum lace, it just sat snugly on the waist area.
I am just in love with all three of these, and I can't wait to try them on♡

The color scheme, while similar to last years, is also so gorgeous! Love the pink and whites as they really compliment each other♡

This just looks all too perfect, and we are so happy to have the chance to try their valentines collection this year, as we also loved their collection from last year, but we didn't get a chance to try that one, so sad! xP


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With love♡

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