Onee Gyaru on Budget; Clothes pt.2

February 15, 2016

Hi pretty gals!
Here is the second part for Onee Gyaru on Budget; Clothes!

In the last post we went over Kobe Lettuce, Salus, Grandeir and Growing Rich (Grich), so please check that post out HERE if you haven't seen it already^^
In this post however, we will go over, Julia's Boutique, DreamV, Black Queen and Lupis.

Julia's Boutique

Prices range from 3680¥-5980¥

Their outers look so elegant and pretty! Been seeing these kind of outers a lot recently! RESEXXY has a similar one to the first one, Liz Lisa the second one, almost all Onee gyaru brands the third one and then the last one really reminds me of Rady and Michell Macaron! But that is not surprising as those styles are so elegant and pretty♡

Prices range from 2280¥-3980¥

These are all so glamorous and pretty! Really loving the tweed setups, but still afraid of ordering without trying on first><
Also, the sweater dress is so pretty!!!

Prices range from 1780¥-2980¥

Prices range from 1170¥-2480¥

Their pants are nice quality I would say, but stay away from the ones with zippers instead of buttons! The quality of the zippers is bad and also no cover, so you risk closing it on your skin D:

Prices range from 1200¥-3600¥

Those bijou decorated pumps are perfect if you gals have been lusting after a pair like these, as usually they are around 8-12.000¥, but you can get these for pretty cheap! Definitely something worth checking out!

Would be a bit vary though and choose wisely, but we once got shoes fro them and we couldn't use them. Not sure exactly what about them made them so horrible, but we really couldn't wear them.

Prices range from 1780¥-4580¥

Julia's Boutique definitely has many pretty items, but the quality is not always the best. However I do think they are constantly improving on that!

DreamV (Yumetenbo)

Prices range from 2500¥-9499¥

More gorgeous stuff! They have really great items, and I love how they've been releasing more better quality items than they used to!

Prices range from 2099¥-4499¥

Pretty clothes just become all the more pretty when these gorgeous models wear themXD

Prices range from 1999¥-3499¥

Prices range from 1500¥-2499¥

Prices range from 3500¥-3999¥

More bijou shoes!
The thigh high boots are also so pretty!

Prices range from 2999¥-4299¥
Love their bags so much, and their price is so good compared to 109 brands!

These items are all from one brand off of DreamV, called Diable Blaiser. But they have the items that are most suited for Onee gyaru! I think they have a quite good variety, both for Ane Agejo and Onee gyaru.

Black Queen

Prices range from 3280¥-7980¥

Prices range from 2980¥-5980¥

Prices range from1980¥-4980¥

Prices range from 2980¥-3480¥
In fact Black Queen doesn't have that many items catering to Onee gyaru, but since they do have some, and I suspected others might be interested in them as well, I therefore decided to include them! And of course they also have some pretty cute items!


Prices range from 378¥-698¥

Prices range from180¥- 348¥

Prices range from168¥-508¥

Prices range from 1480¥-1590¥

Lupis only has jewelry like you gals can see, but I decided to just include them here, since I am not planning on making a whole post on jewelry^^


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