Valentines offers in Shibuya


Hi pretty gals!
The weekend before Valentines a lot of stores had Valentines offers so of course we had to go check it out! Our most anticipated one was Rienda! 
I blogged a bit before about their Valentines Collection, so please check that one out as well!!^^


Our outfits for that day!

Coat→Lip Service
Dress→Luxe Rose
Shoes→Kobe Lettuce

Coat→Lip Service
Shoes→Kobe Lettuce
Bag→Lip Service

In Lip Service~
We got the blue skirt, pants, sweater and the coat in brown!
Lea accidentally tried the sweater on incorrectly and it became even more ero kawaii than it was supposed to be, not to mention the cleavage on that top! xP At least we managed to shock the shop staff quite a bit with our antics while Lea was trying on those xP

The cute shopstaff that was helping us out!

Got the skirt and sweater setup! Then we got a bijou white cardigan and the pink dress in black!^^

Tried on two coats in Luxe Rose then, the fur one was really pretty, but honestly I felt it needed to be a bit tighter on my even as the price was REALLY good, we decided not to get it.
But on the other hand that white long jacket is so great!!! We had been wanting these type of jackets for the longest time, but the trend recently has been these in waist length, and us with our chest size and a bit chubby stomach, plus a waist length jacket just does not add up as it should...
So when I tried this one on, I just couldn't hide my excitement!
So of course we got it!

With the nice shopstaff that helped us out!

So sad!!! At the end of last month they closed Club Sega !!
So after shopping we headed over to Taito Station to take purikura, but we ended up also playing some tsumtsum! We did the gacha one, but unfortunately only got Woody...(don't like him that much...)


We also then went and got something to eat, and then went to Kawasaki to meet up with a friend, went to Costco with her, ate pizza and just had fun!

If you want to see more of that, then please check out our vlog from this day!^^


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