Meeting a friend

February 08, 2016

Hey pretty ladies!
As many of you might be familiar with, the internet is full of wonders! One of such wonders is that it allows you to meet lots of different people! 

We've been really lucky in that department and met a few people after getting to know them online ^^
We had gotten to know Daphne through tumblr I think it first was as she started messaging us and since she's now studying in Japan and came to Tokyo for a day we decided to meet up!

First off! Here's my hair for the day (or, well, while I was still inside) I really liked it, but as I'm sure many of you are familiar with, hair has it's own mind and doesn't always want you to have your way.

So as Emi was busy being lovey dovey I went alone (omg!!!) to meet her in Shibuya. Like most people do we met by Hachiko and then headed straight to 109!
I had just shopped some the day before so I was only looking, but she got some really pretty items in Lip Service!!! They looked so good on her and I'm still feeling jelly about itXD

Then we went for purikura and to Donki!
Those two never go wrong!

Afterwards we met her friend and had an early dinner together^^

After saying goodbye to them, I headed over to a nail salon to get my nails done! 

If you want to see more about that, please check out my vlog*^^*


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