Lazer Teeth Whitening

Hi pretty gals!
On the 9th of February we went to get our teeth whitened!!!
This is definitely not something that we had ever thought of doing(because so expensive!), but shortly after we came to Japan our uncle's wife asked us if we were interesting as her dentist needed some foreigners to do it on TV.

Aaaand as we love FREE stuff we of course said yes!


We did more "minimal" makeup, not as gyaru (especially in Lea's case), as we were in a way representing our uncle's wife as she recommended us.

Our dentist, she is so much fun! The dentist office is called White White, and we definitely recommend going there if you usually don't like going to the dentist!

So! On to the teeth whitening experience! We got laser teeth whitening. We had been reading about it (a teeny tiny bit) before hand, and we knew there was a possibility of a reversible teeth sensitivity! We were a bit worried about that as we really did not know what to expect! But thankfully we felt no such thing!
However getting everything done was so weird! First they clean your teeth with sodium, they were worried about it being salty, but us being used to (and loving salt) did not find it salty at ALL! What bothered us more was how COLD the cleansing was D: haha
Then they stuffed cottons in our mouth, and I swear the combination of that and the dentist brushing gel on my teeth made me have the sensation that my teeth were moving around! It was super weird and definitely what I disliked most as I was thinking to myself "is this normal!? Should I say something??" So silly though, and both of us felt it so it must be normalXD

(or we're just weirdXD)

Then just a few days later, on the 12th, they showed it! It was on Bibitto Focus, TBS.
They actually talked to us a lot, but only showed us (Lea xP) saying like two whole sentences! But like you can see our teeth did get a lot whiter!

Honestly, we are so bad at seeing these kind of difference (most likely because we didn't think about it at all...), so we just said "wow, so much difference!" without really SEEING it, as we just KNEW there was some...hahaha
But then we saw the pictures and there actually was some noticeable difference!! So yay!!

Have any of you gotten your teeth whitened, or thought about doing it?


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With love♡

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