Meer's Pancakes in Shibuya

February 26, 2016

Hi pretty gals!
Don't really have a lot to say in this post, buuut who cares if I just post pointless purikura filled posts?? xD

(I know I don't care ;) )

From around two (?) weeks ago I guess?
I was wearing nothing but Lip Service~ Excuse the messy room -.-'

We decided to go out to Shibuya for a bit that day, but honestly didn't do that much!
Just window shopped a bit in 109 and then went to a pancake place close by! Those pancakes were so good, but they were creme brule, and seriously so good!

I only ate a bit of it, as I didn't order anything (was going to eat shortly afterwards), aaand Lea was to cheap to give me more of it D: Then afterwards she admitted to me that eating two of those was too much as it was so sweet!!! And as I asked her why she didn't just give the rest to me, she just said 'But, I still didn't want to give it to you!"...such a nice sister that I have...


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