Shopping in Shinjuku

February 10, 2016

Hi Pretty gals!
Two Sundays' ago (the 31st), Ageha had a spring themed snapshot that we dressed up for and intended to try out. But as we were intending on buying a spring outfit for it, we ended up not going as we didn't find any...
But we still had a good time in Shinjuku!



Our looks for the day!

Our new Lip Service bags♡
Trying on pajamas in Ravijour. Had seen these pajamas on their  website, and just had to try them on! What do you gals think? I was somehow not too sure, but Lea says it looks good?

Tried on a bit in Lip Service, but at the moment we are mostly just waiting for their store to be filled with spring items!

Ended our shopping in Rienda were we tried on a few items, also tried on one coat that we will DEFINITELY get! For now we only bought that blue dress.

Then we went to the top floors of Lumine, and there they had a Puri Lounge, so of course we had to take some purikura! And we LOVE LOVE LOVE how these came out!

You can also check out our vlog for this day, where you can also join us in our purikura♡


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