Onee Gyaru on Budget; Clothes pt.1

Hi pretty gals ❤︎

Today we want to talk about buying Onee gyaru clothes from Japan, but more on a "budget"!
But shopping on online Japanese stores can actually help you save a lot of money, but you can still get really nice clothes!

We will talk about a few stores that some of you might already know, but hopefully you will learn about some new stores as well, and even better find something perfect for your look! (I will be listing prices, and they will be based off on the items that I looked at, nothing else)

We will divide these posts into a few part, first clothes (admittedly probably a few with clothes as I went picture crazy ;P ). In this post we will check out these four stores on Rakuten; Kobe Lettuce, Salus, Grandeir and Growing Rich (Grich).

Kobe Lettuce


These range from 1842¥-2490¥
They have a nice selection of bags, my favorite one is the one in the upper-right corner, as I love those kind of wallet-bags!


These range from 700¥-2296¥ (However I guess they are usually around 2000¥ as the cheaper ones are the ones that are now on sale). I especially like the middle one.


These range from 1842¥-3046¥
I think I mostly like the sweaters that they have, they have some nice dresses, but I somehow feel that their dresses are less Onee gyaru than their sweaters.


The coats pictured here are ranging from 2768¥-4898¥
Not to mention that the last two are really similar to A/W items from RESEXXY!! (Both of which I really liked!). The second coat also being really similar to one from Rady.


These range from 2490¥-2768¥
I really like a lot of their shoes! Just be a bit wary of their sizes as I fit perfectly into size L ( around 24.5 cm) while Lea is in between M and L, but somehow their L is quite tight on our feet:/ Quite weird. But we still wear them a lot non-the-less as they look so nice! The shoes from Kobe Lettuce also all have paddings in them, so extra comfort!

You can often see Chie and Chika wear Kobe Lettuce, and I guess they probably get most of it sponsored (Jelly much!?!?).


Prices range from 2952¥-3879¥
I really like their shoes! But they have a good variety of styles. And not to mention that most of their shoes have a cushion!

Prices range from 1842¥-3694¥

Prices range from 3500¥-4620¥
They have an OK amount of outers, cute, but nothing over-the-top.

Prices range from 2768¥-2900¥

Prices range from 2120¥-2900¥

Prices range from 731¥-1900¥

I think Salus is decent when looking for something cheap, but I think what I am most likely to buy from them at the moment would be shoes.



Prices range from 1690¥-4490¥
Yet again we see some similarities to what 109 brands have been doing! The third dress being very Rady inspired and the last sweater dress and the setup looking really similar to items from RESEXXY! (The setup is of course being done by many, however I feel that this one just breathes RESEXXY)

Prices range from 3990¥-6990¥

Prices range from 1050¥-3990¥

Prices range from 1690¥-3694¥

Prices range from 990¥-1990¥

Grandeir is definitely a store that I would consider buying from when I do not want to spend too much money, and I definitely do not complain about them taking inspirations from other brands ;)

Growing Rich (GRICH)

Prices range from 1650¥-4900¥
These just look all so fabulous! I really like how thin the last cardigan is, as I have always like this look on outers, but never felt that those kind of jackets suit me (small in height+kinda big chest+these kind of jackets=not a match made in heaven), so I definitely wouldn't mind that one!

Prices range from 1834¥-3223¥
More COPYCATS! Like they aren't even hiding where they get their inspirations from! The fourth one is a direct copy/paste from RESEXXY (we even have the dress), and then while the flower dresses are obviously inspired by DaTuRa, the gray peplum setup is also hugely influenced by Delyle Noir!

Prices range from 1617¥-1837¥

Prices range from 1317¥-1534¥
More copies, the first one being the gray/black flower skirt inspired by a similar one from Lip Service. The second one being the rose skirt inspired by Delyle Noir.

Prices range from 1851¥-3686¥

Prices range from 769¥-1317¥
Even more copies. I love this! The black belt is exactly like a belt we have from Lip Service, except for the fact that the leather band is a bit different.
And even though many labels might have sold ring scarfs before, those really scream Delyle NOIR because of the choice in fabric!

Prices range from 380¥-839¥
These jewelry are obviously not the best quality, but you might be able to find something you like!

That's it for this post!
I found it really interesting to see how much influence Grandeir and GRICH, and even Kobe Lettuce, draw from 109 brands. But it makes us quite happy, as that makes these brands even more gal like!
Would you gals consider buying from any of these brands? Which one do you like the best?

Also! When it comes to budgeting Onee Gyaru, what would you like us to make a post about?^^


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