First Shopping Day in Japan! +Vlog

Hi pretty gals!
Last Monday we said our goodbyes to our family and Iceland for now and headed to Japan! But we finally got a working visa!

We were quite tired our first day, but still managed to go shopping and get some stuff we needed!
Admittedly we also felt a bit depressed the first day, most likely due to stress and fatigue. As even as this is a dream of ours, it is still really stressful to leave your family for another country!


Our looks for our second day^^
I wore my RESEXXY dress, while Lea wore our new Rady dress.

We started the day off by going to our Ward office to register our address and get insurance, but after that we headed to Shibuya to shop a bit!

Our first stop was Rienda, but we however did not look at much there this time and headed over to Lip Service! Tried on quite a lot, but we ended up buying those two cardigans, a fur coat and the turtleneck setup ^^ The price was also super good! The fur coat had a big discount 17.000¥⇨7.000¥, and the total for everything was only 20.000¥!! Something like his would have been so expensive in Iceland!

The shop staff helping us was so cute, and we got a picture with her~<3

Then Lea wanted to check out DaTuRa, she had been wanting to see that sweater, but upon trying it on, she wasn't sure if she wanted it or not. So she decided to not get it.

Then because we had been seeing some cute stuff from MA*RS, and I really wanted to try on that sweater! Of course ended up buying it, and taking a sneak picture of Lea (and the cute shop staff) while she was paying^^
Then we also got a picture with the shopstaff, but we have decided to stop being so shy about it!! ;P

First purikura in so many months! Tried a new one with Rola!^^

Our gets! the Rady stuff we ordered before we came here, as they had a 50% off sale!!
We just love everything we got! But we have been seeing those kind of fur coats from so many brands recently, and as they just look so fabulous, we had to get it!

We also made a Vlog on that day, so please check it out!^^

We're really enjoying ourselves here, our apartment is really nicely located and going anywhere is so convenient! Really love it so much here, and our apartment is so nice as well!!
Please look forward to more posts from us, but we're gonna try our best with the blog and also our channel from now on♡

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With love♡

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