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Hey pretty ladies!
Many of you might know if you follow us on twitter that I, Lea, is absolutely madly obsessed over Rady since some time ago so I am always looking at their page and day-dreaming about the items I would like to get one day and how I would love to decorate my apartment with their stuff.

One such evening I was bored, looking at their webstore and decided that I would just indulge in these fantasies by making a post of the items that I like (well, I like almost everything they have so I can't possibly put everything here, but you know :p).

When it comes to "home making" we're pretty new to it since we've always lived with our mom and the times we've lived in Japan it's just been temporary or everything's just so uncertain so we don't want to buy lots of stuff to decorate when we don't know if we'll stay in that place.
However, when we will get our own apartment, decorating it with Rady would be such a dream come true, and even though we don't usually spend much time in our bedroom having Rady's duvet covers and pillows would just make our beds a dream to sleep in <3
The purple one is pretty new, but as soon as I saw it I just fell in love! The colors are so gorgeous and compliment each other so well, and I think it would brighten any room up! The pink one is also so pretty and we actually got our mom it in punk and black for her birthday! But we like things that are brighter, so we would definitely opt for the white one^^
I've also never gotten to the habit of making my bed everyday, but I'm sure that if I had pretty pillows and maybe a blanket I would love to make my bed pretty everyday! (... Or at least when I have time :p)

Haha, this is something that I'm pretty sure NO Icelandic home has; toilet seat covers!!!
But I love this! Having just a nice living room, bedroom, etc is just not enough! You have to be able to go around your whole apartment and see something pretty everywhere, right?! That's at least how I feel so I do want to have my toilet/bathroom looking nice as well^^

I'm still not 100% sure what colors I would like to go for, I really do like all whites... But at the same time I do feel that there need to be some colors included as well...These mats are all so pretty, so that isn't being really helpful either...

Have to stay cozy and warm in the cold winters, especially in a badly insulated Japanese apartmentXD haha~

I LOVE Rady's towels!
Their selection is so great!!

I love the soap dispenser and the box for the toothbrushes! So pretty <3Also, if you have any sprays, why settle for having them in some ugly spray bottles? Especially if it's something like fabreeze which you might use often!
For me smelling nice and having a nice smelling home has always been pretty important so I buy lots of those guys that have a nice smell, and I am really curious about how Rady's diffuser might smell like! Hope it's good, as I would love to get it <3

It's actually quite funny, but here in Iceland these kind of "jogging suits" are considered really lame, so when we got ours from our bestie our grandma looked at us and laughed in our faces XD

But that won't kill my love for their setups, and I think they're the perfect thing to lazy about in at home^^

Gotta be pretty when sleeping too!!

More pretty stuff so you can be a pretty hobo at home <3
That's all I need in life XP

For aesthetic reasons I just put these clothes on here, but oh boy would I gladly buy almost all of their clothing if I had the money!!!

Same with shoes!
haha, those moutons though! Never really would have gone for those types of shoes, but things change and they seem so comfortable!!!

Hats <3
I love seeing gals rocking those caps with their setups and it always makes me so jelly that I feel that even if it would look horrible on me I would still need to buy itXD

I love seeing what's in other gals bags, and I imagine that I would want my bag to contain something like this; wallet, cardcase, keycase, makeup bag, cream, phone, sunglasses for summer and probably some other pretty things <3

This post shows just how much I obsess over RadyXD haha, I'm literally always looking at their website and I never get bored of it even though I look at the same things everytime~
aaand, thus came the idea of this postXD

What brands do you love ladies? Do you share my love of Rady or are there any other brands you love obsessing over?

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With love♡

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