Sponsored Review by Maplelens: EOS Briller Brown

Hey gals!
After a long while, we're back with a review! And this time it's a veeeery overdue one!

In August we got sponsored contacts from Maplelens, and after looking around a bit we found the EOS Briller series. I decided on Brown while Emi decided on Green [←Review here]

They arrived packed in cute pink boxes with "MapleLens" printed on them, which is really nice and I feel that the contacts are also extra protected in those boxes^^ Also happy that they have the cute lens cases, I always get disappointed if I get the boring ones from contact companiesXD

Basic Info :
♥Duration: Yearly
♥B.C.: 8.8mm
♥D.I.A: 14.5mm
♥Water Content: 38%
♥Package: A box of 2
♥Price: 18.90$

One in; Natural light and Ring light
Both in; Natural light and Ring light

Colour :

For me this is the perfect light brown for Onee gyaru, the black outer rim is also kind of "fuzzy" so it's not as harsh as many other contacts and I am very pleased with that!

Design : 
Really pleased with it! Throughout they are quite sheer and the color doesn't completely fill up every spot which to me makes them look that much more natural as they also v¥blend very well with my eyes.

Enlargement : 
The perfect enlargement for Onee gyaru!
Comfort :   
Maybe it's that my eyes are so used to dailies by now, but these aren't the most comfortable contacts I've had.... ><

Some looks of mine using the EOS Briller Brown. I've also made a makeup tutorial using them so take a look if you're interested!

 Overall Rating :
As I have light eyes many contacts sometimes look a bit off, especially where the color of the contacts and my own eye color meet, but these look awesome!

Hope this review has been of any help to you, and I am curious to know what you think of these contacts! :)

Also, don't forget to give MapleLens a look!

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With love♡

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