Hi pretty gals!
Around a year ago I saw Chedel for the first time. Chedel is produced by the Ane Ageha model, Maruyama Keiko. At that time I quite liked her concept and clothes, but over the time I just fell out of love with her clothes as many of them seemed just too expensive and horrible quality, plus the design just went "meh!". However I was now looking at her webstore again, and she seems to be releasing better items now, so I decided to share some of them with you gals!

Really nice outers! Especially that third one! SO much love!

That white setup is so gorgeous!!!!
Not so sure if grey would suit us that much, but those pieces look really nice^^

The fur hat is nice, but I'm pretty sure though Emiria Wiz has one very similar that is maybe a bit nicer looking thoughXD But this one might be cheaper as I feel that most items from Chedel are pretty reasonably priced!^^ (looking at them now)
These watches look so good, I think I will seriously think about getting the one to the right! It is so elegant!

Looks like we have even more items to add to our wishlist now...


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With love♡

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