RESEXXY Early S/S Items

Hi pretty gals!
Today we want to talk a bit about the new S/S items from RESEXXY! I think doing these kind of post is actually one of my favorite as then I can look back on it later and see how everything has changed, also so nostalgic!

This line, like you can most likely see from this posts header, seems to be called 'evolve glamorous', which I do admit I find a bit strange...but you know! Japanese and their English! ;P


Tight skirts are definitely our favorite, so I am happy to see more of them, don't like stripes though(think I've probably said that many times by nowXD), but thankfully they have a non-stripe version of it! Quite like the white one at the end (Never too many white skirts ;) ) They do not have a listing for the flower one at the moment, but I assume they will start selling it soon.

Denim setup, sweaters, pants and cardigan. These kind of denim jackets are still going on strong this year like the last. Quite like the white pants and the beige short pants.
Glad to see some white pants as well, would love to try them out if they aren't too seethroughXD

Few dresses for spring, seems like they will continue for a bit more with black/dark colors, which is good for early spring if it will stay as cold as it did last year. Doesn't really scream spring when it's cold outside! But they also have those pretty more summery dresses as well. Can't wait for all the white clothes to come out this summer!

Really like those denim pants, the caramel colored coat and the second gray one looks so pretty <3

They are definitely not diving straight into spring fashion in my opinion as they still have a lot of black in this collection, but I definitely do not complain as I find it way too early to start wearing nothing but florals! Like many other brands they stick strongly to white/beige clothes and if you've been reading our blog you might know that we won't complain about that trend!

Looking forward to also seeing what kind of accessories they will start selling!

So far I'm quite liking what I'm seeing from RESEXXY, except a piece here and there,  but what do you think? Anything you would like to see from them, or something that you don't like of what you've seen already?

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With love♡

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