Looks Over the Holidays!

by - January 10, 2016

Hello pretty ladies~
The holidays have already ended now and it's well into January, which pleases us to no end!
I wouldn't say that this beginning of a year has been dancing on roses, but for the most and biggest part it's been good♡

Here's my Christmas eve look~
I used our new Carli Bybel palette and I am absolutely obsessed with it! Been only using it since getting it, so all the looks hereafter are using it^^

In Iceland our most important day is the 24th, but on that day the family gets together and eats good food, followed by opening presents~

My look for this day was a dress that I also wore two Christmases before, so I wasn't feeling any need to take a picture of it and then later changed into my Rady setup and camwhored some in itXD haha, I'm so obsessed with it and I'm so happy our bestie gave it to us!!!

Here's my look for Christmas day, we had a dinner at our uncle's so I dressed up~

Also, rocking some lower lashes for the first time in aaages!! These are the dolly wink no. 5, and I really do love them! The top are no. 2, which have been my fave top lashes for months now!!

Skirt→Luxe Rose

Was feeling kinda festive so I opted for an red top^^
It's a really simple outfit, but I was pretty pleased with it nonetheless^^

During the weekend we went into town to meet our friends, it's always good to meet them... and now that it's closing to us leaving we really want to use our time to meet our friends as well as we can!


On the 30th of December we went to a concert with one of our favorite bands called Valdimar, it was so good, and while it was almost two hours it felt so much shorterXD

(aaand as you can see I'm still just always wearing my Rady setupXD)

Dress→ Lip Service
Belt→Lip Service
Bag→Lip Service

Here's my New years eve look! Definitely my fave look of the year!!
I was really inspired by Sakurina with my eyemake, and I am still so happy how it tunred out, and always on my way to make a tutorial, but I'm kind of afraid of not being able to do it exactly the same><

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the pretty ladies that nominated us for the "Best Onee gyaru" category, but thanks to you we got enough for the top 3!!! Which is really so amazing! We're over-the-moon happy about it and we really do appreciate it that you took the time to nominate us♡

We're really so honored, and if you would be so kind we would also love it if you would vote for us as well^^

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Also! Recently we commissioned our friend, Enma, to do some stuff for our blog and we are so excited to see how it all turns out! She's the one that made our current banner, which we still love to bits and will keep on our twitter, but since our style has been changing and we grow tired of our blog layout really quickly we thought it appropriate for an image change on our blog!
Please do check out her fb page as she's really talented!

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Hope you enjoyed my holiday looks, and please let me know if you have a favorite♡


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With love♡

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