RESEXXY New Catalog+February Preorder

January 16, 2016

Hi pretty gals!
Hope you won't get bored of these kinds of posts, but I just love making them!! ;p
RESEXXY recently published their Summer/Spring catalog on their website, as well as you can now pre-order items that they will release in February. You also get 10% off pre-order items!
So since they just posted those, and as you might know I am obsessed with keeping track of what is coming for this summer, I decided to make a post to share them with you!

Their catalog is super pretty, and I really love seeing Ozaki Sayoko in it ♡
They also show previews for offers that they will have in February and March, so if you are in Japan at that time and want RESEXXY then you should definitely check it out!^^

(I know we will!!)

Six new outers that they will release in February.
I quite like like all of these except for the denim one (anyone surprised there?). The black chiffon one is also quite interesting as the top part of it is kind of like a short tuxedo blazer, if that is the right way to describe it.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the second dress! It is tight fitting in the waist and the frills over the chest aren't too big! However, my biggest love and want is that pink setup! It looks so good, and I really love that pink that they have♡

(a definite get this spring!!!)

I will definitely check out their tops in-store, but their February release looks quite normal in my opinion.

We definitely look a lot forward to going to their store when these items arrive, but spring is definitely coming to their store with their whites, pinks, light blue, mint and lavender. We especially like their pink for this spring and look forward to seeing what else they have in store for us!

Which items do you gals like the best?


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